Encapsulation is the process of encasing a die which has been die and wire bonded in a protective coating. The purpose of encapsulation is to protect the semiconductor die and its wire bonds from its operating environment. The potential sources of damage to dies include moisture, dust, dirt, solvents, mechanical straining and scratching. An encapsulation deposition can consist of epoxy, sealants and additives individually or in combination with each other.

Three common encapsulation types are:

Glob top encapsulation
Conformal coatings
Flip-chip underfill

The advanced packaging facility is equipped with dedicated dispensing and jetting systems for encapsulation that are able to deposit material in a variety of patterns such as dots, lines and arcs.

A range of materials are commercially available for encapsulating dies. They offer distinct characteristics such as different curing requirements, thermal conductivity and optical transmission properties. Some dies require low curing temperature to avoid thermal damage while other dies require the encapsulating material to be highly thermally conductive for better thermal management.

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