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We are a commercial research and development facility dedicated to providing microelectronic packaging services to the industry and research community. We have a broad range of dedicated packaging equipment and technical expertise to tackle advanced packaging requirements. We also offer quality characterisation services for the packaging processes, the characterisation data can be fed back to the packaging processes to improve the reliability of the electronics.

Contact us to discuss your applications and requirements. You can call us on 02380593234 or email a.c.mallari@soton.ac.uk.


Zeeshan is the tool lead for the dispenser and jetting systems. His activities revolve around epoxy and adhesive dispensing, thermal management of packaged devices and quality testing of packaging processes. He is the main interface to facilities for epoxy preparation and characterisation of individual packaging processes.

Zeeshan undertook his PhD in dispenser printed smart fabrics from University of Southampton. He has developed novel dispenser printed multi-layered and multi-material smart fabric structures. He has a broad experience in optimising the dispenser depositions of smart, functional and structural materials.

Zeeshan has a strong background in design of experiments and characterisation of microelectronic fabrication processes. He has experience of using a wide range of characterisation tools such as contact and non-contact 3-D surface profilers, microscopes including SEM and thermal imaging. He has developed a novel method of assessing the resistance distribution of printed conductive layers.


Chirenjeevi develops complete Chip On Board processes using the packaging facilities and is currently working on processes for quantum dot enhanced Light Emitting Diodes. He is the main interface to facilities for packaged device testing and characterisation using the many measurement facilities available within the University.

Chirenjeevi undertook his PhD at the University of Southampton and is currently working on technologies to improve the light efficiency of LEDs. He has a strong interest in techniques to optimise colour conversion in LEDs and is currently working on projects to increase the brightness of commercial LEDs. 

Chirenjeevi has a background in device characterisation and specifically using integrating spheres for tests in light measurement of luminous flux in packaged devices.


Tim is the tool lead for the wire bonding systems and has developed a number of unique programs for the wire bonders in the Advanced Packaging Facility. He has a strong interest in efficient power management and hardware design. He is the main interface to electronic design automation (EDA) tools and downstream attachment of packaged devices into completed circuit designs using techniques such as through hole PCBs, surface mount and other techniques.

Tim graduated with First Class honours in BEng Electronic Engineering at the University. He is currently pursuing a PhD in the application of energy harvesting to the internet of things. This involves novel approaches to hardware design for autonomous sensors, with investigation into 3D stacking and flip chip interposers. Tim has a background in electronic system design and has developed a number of low power PCBs using the universities automatic pick and place tools and reflow ovens. He is currently working to scale down these systems into micro-electronics looking at the potential for 3D stacking and integration.

Arvin Mallari

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