Die attach or die bonding is the process of attaching a semiconductor die to a package, a substrate such as a PCB board or another die. The die attach process is fundamental to the following types of packaging.

Traditional Package Assembly:
Chip on Board (COB):
3D Integration with Stacked Dies:
System/Package in Package (SiP/PiP):
The four commonly used die attach processes offer a range of bond/joint properties and have either differing work flow procedures and/or make use of different materials to bond the die.

Adhesive bonding: An adhesive is used for die attachment such as a low cost epoxy.
Eutectic bonding: Formation of an intermetallic bond, used in power electronics for heat conduction.
Solder attach: Use of Solder/ Solder paste for die attachment.
Flip chip: A die is attached by flipping it over the substrate or another die using gold balls/bumps.
Die bonding processes are developed for the target application depending on the operating conditions, environment and reliability requirements for the electronic device. Forming a bond/joint between the die and the package, substrate or another die and its precise placement is a multifunctional process which aims to achieve the following.

At the advanced packaging facility, we can attach dies using all of the die attach processes. We have dedicated equipment to fulfil the requirements of each of four die attach processes. The facility contains a Tresky 3002 FC1-XP semi-automatic die bonder. As well as precise pick and place, it has a heated work stage for eutectic bonding, an integrated dip coating needle and epoxy dispenser for adhesive and solder die attach options. The die bonder allows picking a die from a pre-sawn wafer using an additional die ejection vacuum tool to separate the bare die from the wafer backing tape. We also have a high precision Finetech FINEPLACER lambda flip-chip bonding machine which has a placement accuracy of up to 0.5 ┬Ám.

Contact us to discuss your applications or requirements. We have a dedicated packaging facility with a range of equipment to provide you comprehensive packaging services.

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