Dispensing is a direct-write process for additively depositing a material on a substrate. It can deposit controlled quantities of materials in precise locations on a substrate. It offers a complete freedom of design where a material can be deposited in any pattern. It is a drop on demand repeatable process which can achieve consistent results with minimum material wastage. Dispensing can be used for creating stacked structures which can consist of multiple materials. It can be used for depositing a wide array of materials such as polymers, epoxies and metallic inks in a viscosity range of 1 mPa.s to 100 Pa.s. It is compatible with a wide range of substrates such as PCBs, glass and silicon wafers.

For packaging, dispensing is used for depositing encapsulants on the die, interconnect and package/PCB. It is also used for underfilling a flip chip arrangement. It offers a precise, accurate and repeatable method of depositing an encapsulant in digitally defined areas of a substrate. As a dispenser can deposit the material in any pattern, it is ideally suited to glob-top encapsulations and conformal coatings.

The advanced packaging facility has two table top industrial dispensing systems. The dispensers consist of 3-axis movement robots, integrated vision systems and pneumatic pressure controllers. The following presents the specifications of the two dispenser systems. Dispensing technology
The volume of a deposition is controlled by the following parameters. Nozzles attached to the syringes can be broadly divided into two categories; Blunt end and tapered. The blunt end nozzles are compatible with low viscosity materials as they offer better control over the volume of the ink dispensed. Tapered nozzles are better suited to high viscosity materials as they aid the flow of the materials. Nozzles are commercially available in a range of diameters. Nozzle selection is based on the particle size, ink rheology and encapsulation requirements.

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Die Encapsulation Dispensing