Adhesive die attach makes use of adhesives such as epoxy and polyimide to form a bond between a die and a package/substrate/another die. The properties of an adhesive die bond such as thermal and electrical conductivity are primarily dependent on the adhesive material being used which is selected for the specific application. Adhesive die attach offers the following advantages:
Epoxy, polyimide and metal filled adhesives are commonly used materials for die attach. A range of adhesives are commercially available which can offer a broad spectrum of different characteristics to suit the specific application of the electronic device.
At the packaging facility, a Tresky 3002 FC1-XP semi-automatic die bonder is used for adhesive die bonding. It is equipped with a precise pick and place, an epoxy dispenser and a needle for dip coating. In addition to the precise adhesive application and die placement capability, the packaging facility has a range of curing equipment for adhesives such as ovens, vacuum ovens, drying furnaces and UV belt conveyer. This allows us to use a broad range of adhesives for die bonding to suit the requirements of an application.

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Adhesive Die bonding using Epoxy and Polyimide, using a Tresky 3002 FC1-XP